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Migraine Headache Relief, By Bob Salvatore, LCSW:
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Are you one of the approximately 40 million Americans who suffer from recurrent headaches?  Twenty million of headache sufferers cannot function until the headache stops.  For many people, migraines last several days. 


But now there is hope, and it doesn’t require medications!


There is a new treatment called Integrated EMDR (IEMDR) which can abort your migraine and tension headaches in approximately 15 minutes!  I can teach you or your partner/friend/relative how to use the technique to help you stop your headache.  The success rate is almost 100%.


This technique was developed in 2005 by psychologist Steven Marcus, PhD.  A grant from Kaiser Permanente, a large HMO in California , allowed him to test this treatment against medications.  This study demonstrated that all patients improved, even patients who were disabled because of migraines, whether they used drugs or IEMDR.  However, the IEMDR group had significantly less pain than the medicated group, and their effects lasted longer, without the side effects of medications.


The technique involves compression of trigger points around the head followed by eye movements.  It is very simple to learn and can be taught to someone in your family, so that you do not need to keep returning for headache relief treatments.  Many patients are able to learn to apply the treatment themselves.


This technique does not stop future migraines.  But there are steps you and I can take to help prevent or reduce the number of future headaches.  After reviewing triggers which cause your headaches (foods and substances, as well as emotional sources), another therapeutic technique, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), can be employed to remove the triggers.


Call 603-889-8648 today to make an appointment with Bob Salvatore to stop your headaches.


(NOTE:  The treatment does not work for chronic daily headaches, which is another type of headache altogether.)


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