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EMDR Therapy -- A Way to Get Over Things for Good - By Jo Ellen Lindh, LCMHC:
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With EMDR people become calmer, more confident, energetic -- and in a better mood.  You can get over whatever is causing you anxiety, depression or fear.  And you can get over the pain that goes with your distress.  


Our bodies know how heal cuts and bruises.  With EMDR our bodies and minds can also heal, naturally, the emotional and related physical pain caused by bad experiences such as job loss, car accident, or even childhood trauma..  And it works faster than you might expect. 


Relief from pain and distress can restore your sense of personal power and integrity. It can also free you from reliance on drugs and from over-reliance on others.  It puts you back in control of your life.  


Some seemingly purely physical pain can also be relieved by EMDR treatment such as post-surgical pain, phantom limb pain, and headaches, including migraines.  


There are many studies documenting the effects  of EMDR.  In fact, EMDR is the most documented treatment in use today.  If you would like more information, including documentation, please go to  




The American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and the U.S. Army have listed EMDR as an effective treatment, particularly to relieve the sometimes unrelenting pain of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PSTD) suffered by soldiers returning from war.


"The speed at which change occurs during EMDR contradicts the traditional notion of time as essential for psychological healing."  Bessel A.  van der Kolk, Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University .

 "EMDR quickly opens new windows on reality, allowing people to see solutions within themselves that they never knew were there.  And it's a therapy where the client is very much in charge."  Laura Brown, Ph. D., University of Washington

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